Conversion Result

Support for text has just been added recently to the converter.
Check any text after conversion and use the alternative if it's not satisfactory.
News:-17th March 2013
SVG without any transforms.
The helper code on the ouput page is very generic and can be removed easily when you do not need it anymore.
Only your conversions are visible in the list as long as they were amongst the last 100 conversions of the converter.

Nip over to the contact page with any more questions and email me there.
Originally this converter made completed HTML pages. It's main output now is formatted javascript. The characteristics of the output are as follows:
Select the output type+Upload+Convert
Raphael/Javascript output code window
Always produced with every compiled SVG. It does not matter whether you choose Dmitry's Raphael or any other output option.Raphael/Javascript help.
View Raphael/Javascript output here.
No Radial Gradient
This applies only to Raphael output. By default Radials are excluded, so nothing will appear if an SVG depends on them to show anything.
Unchecking the box may render Radials fine with Raphael.
Scale the Output
The converter reads the view box parameters and positions output to top left.
You can scale the size of any output using this.
Dmitry's Raphael
Default design for an immediate Raphael window. Builds the window unconventionally but with improved page loading time in mind. Easily coded.
No Images
This page is made up of pure vector graphics.